www.BullNAChinaShop.com will be covering this event!



The next event on the http://www.BullNAChinaShop.com schedule is The American Bully World Series Spring Training event in Kerrville TX hosted by The Bully Market. This will be an ABKC triple show event with one of the best line ups of dogs committed to be there that the community has seen in a long time. This even is for BULL BREED lovers from all BULL BREEDS from French Bulldogs to Shorty Bulls to English Bulldogs to American Bulldogs to American Bullys. BullNAChinaShop TV will be getting footage of the entire event top to bottom front to back with interviews with the winners and testimonials from spectators. There will also be a mechanical bulldog set up for any and all who are brave enough to try and conquer the metal beast! There is also going to be a FUN ZONE section just for the kids. This is expected to be one of the biggest family friendly dog events in Texas history so pack the car and load up the kids and we will see you all in TEXAS!

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