Meaning for those who are brave enough to be bold good fortune almost certainly waits. That quote was written in a much more ancient culture but rings true today as we sky rocket ourselves through this new era of politically correctness and over sensitive feelings and an overabundance of people’s opinions who have no frame of reference for that opinion other than the 3 inches in front of their face.

This does not mean the loudest or the cockiest one in the room who is making wild moves is the boldest, often times this is the court jester merely puffing feathers to appear larger than real life. Being bold in this era means being brave enough to blaze your own path toward your goal, however big or small you may think it is at the time of inception, and not letting the scared or timid hold you back from reaching your full potential. Having the courage to see things in a different light and understand that there is a better way to reach your goal through the that light even if you are the one and only person who even acknowledges that light exists and that path exists. Being bold enough to open your ears to all the negative things being thrown at you and not letting it budge you even in the slightest degree off the course you set for your future.

I look across our vast and wonderful community and I see so many people already so deep into this BULL BREED lifestyle and so many new people coming in a catching the same bug I caught almost a decade ago, and I can’t help but wonder how much of this community actually possesses the courage to make this a life-long lifestyle. I have watched so many people come and go, for negative reasons as well as new opportunities opening up, I know there will be some people who think this life is against them. There are some out there who feed into the negativity and hate and let it affect them on a deeper level who are doing great things which is why they are getting the negativity. If I could reach out to every one of the people dealing with this I would say to them FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD, stay the course no matter what stares you in the face, no matter who brings the negativity. Even if no one else see what you see as long as you drive toward that vision and you are happy with what you are doing…..if you see it you can make it happen.

Look at this picture and tell me what you see…….

I see years of hard work and dedication by true to the breed dog men. I see an uncountable number of set backs and road blocks, any one of which could have altered the course of history. I see haters and fake friends and negativity, so much at times almost overwhelming. I see yards and programs built and rebuilt and rebuilt again just to get to where we are now. Above all these things I see dog men with the will to withstand anything and everything the world has thrown in the way so far and the vision to understand the ultimate goal.

Robert Lee and Nolan Cagwin THEE BUSS is one of the best examples of a POCKET AMERICAN BULLY on the planet salute and nothing but respect!

Rob without BEASTRO and your ability to see the potential in the CLEOPATRA breeding MYE-STRO and LOKI might not be here.


I can’t wait to get a pic with all of them in a line……a living representation of FURTUNE FAVORING THE BOLD!


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