Bully Market takes over Texas!


BullNAChinaShop Tv showcases the 2016 World Series All Star Break ABKC show hosted by Bully Market. This event was a triple ABKC show offering all breeds. American Bully, French Bulldog, English Bulldog and some of the best competition in the country. We are featuring appearances from some of the BULL BREED world biggest names. GR CH BEASTRO, GR CH THEE BUSS, DOUBLE Ls MYE-STRO and DOUBLE Ls LOKI of EBK. Check out some behind the scenes footage of an exclusive photoshoot with MYE-STRO and of LOKI with his winnings. Also check out the stack off with GR CH BEASTRO and 3 of his best produced sons. For more videos or info check out http://www.BullNAChinaShop.com

To find out how you can have BullNAChinaShop TV at your next event visit http://www.BullNAChinaShop.com or email me @ realtylumley@gmail.com

You can also follow us on social media:
FB @BullNAChinaShop.com
IG @BullNAChinaShopdotcom
Twitter @BullChinaShopTy
SnapChat @BullNAChinaShop

Be sure to check out The BullNAChinaShop TV channel and subscribe to see the newest hottest videos coming from the BULL BREED community.

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