BullNAChinaShop TV will be attending The World Cup in ATL!


BullNAChinaShop TV has just been invited to attend an event that is being promoted as one of the biggest shows to hit the scene in a number of years. With a powerhouse team of host including TRUE FAZE events and AK(Atlanta Kennel) who are both known for throwing first class shows, we can expect this event to be no different! These two hosts have a history of making sure the venue, the hardware and the atmosphere is always top tier. This will be an ABKC sanctioned event with 4 shows, two of those will have Junior Handler classes as well. There will be a few things unique to this event tho, the LEGENDS CLASS will be showcasing some of the past greats in and out of the show ring! BullNAChinaShop TV will also be available for features and promotion so feel free to contact us anytime to set up an appointment at this email address: realTyLumley@gmail.com

The BullNAChinaShop.com Mascots will be attending the event as well and will be available for stack offs and pictures all day long! The BullNAChinaShop Mascots will be announced on this weeks episode of the BullNAChinaShop Podcast so make sure to tune in!


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