No better companion!


They say, whoever they are, the best things in life are free. In today’s world it’s sometimes hard to really come to terms with this statement. What are the best things in life? Digging even deeper than that, how can they be free? Everybody is going to have their own objective opinion as to what the best things in life are and sometimes what people think are the best things will most certainly not be free. For Bull Breed owners in general the best thing in life is the companionship, loyalty and unconditional love they get from their dog/s.

I have spoke to countless people across many countries in all corners of the globe and the one thing that rings true from everybody is the undieing loyalty these Bull Breed dogs have. Almost every dog owner knows the unconditional love that comes from mans best friend, along with the ‘right hand man’ companionship that almost all breeds have instinctively built into their DNA. The Bull Breeds bring something else to the table, a certain sense of ‘we will die for each other’ that a lot of other breeds don’t possess. The feeling of going to sleep every night and waking up every morning knowing that dog will back you up in any situation,no matter how intense or benign, is a feeling that can’t be described in a few paragraphs. I can quote the numerous articles and stories written about Bull Breeds risking their own lives to protect or help the people they love, many of whom died and would again if it meant keeping their family or pack safe, but I won’t. Each and every person that shares their life with a Bull Breed has already seen them, over and over again. ┬áThe public sometimes see this as aggression and then sensationalizes it in the media to sell advertisements which in turn gives Bull Breeds a bad name, mostly contradictory to truth and facts. The reality is in today’s world there is no better feeling than security and there is no better companion than a Bull Breed dog. From single men and women with no children to single mothers and fathers, to a full family household or multiple family households Bull Breeds are growing more and more common around the world. The character and build of these breeds on top of the loyalty and love makes Bull Breeds standout among young pet buyers who are also becoming more active in bringing awareness of these breeds to the general public. Long live BULLY dogs!


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