BullNAChinaShop TV: How To Series Volume 1 Shipping Semen From Home


How many of us have had to ship semen from home for one reason or another?

Click this link to watch an informative video and please share if you find it helpful!

I get questions almost everyday about one thing or another and since I started the BullNAChinaShop brand the number of questions are increasing. So I decided to make a “HOW TO” series and Volume 1: Shipping Semen From Home is up right now on the BullNAChinaShop Tv channel on YouTube! I walk through the the shipping process step by step, collection and insemination videos coming soon as well as many other everyday processes that breeders run into. Everybody has their own style as far as any of these things go I am just showcasing MY process and way of doing things and the best way and most successful way of doing theses things! Once you get the hang of completing all of these processes you will be able to put your own style on it and maybe even improve the process for all of us!


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