The Bull-NA-ChinaShop Podcast Episode 62 Featuring Suzette Lee Turner

IMG_8104Check out this episode!

*The Dog World is No Place for a WOMAN….?*

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In 2017 Suzette Lee Turner still feels the dog world is a “Mans World”, even tho she seems to be kicking a$$ and has been for a long time!

Meet at the driving force behind Australia’s American Bully movement! Suzette has been involved in dogs longer than she would like to admit and has come up through a rough and tough “mans world” and not only survived but flourished! She talks with us about her humble beginnings and how she got her first dog and then walks us through how she found protection training and working dogs all the way up to her first American Bully! She now is the main force behind ABKC in Australia and The American Bully movement in general there! This was an amazing conversation, I only wish we had more time!

For full video version visit

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