The Bull-NA-ChinaShop Podcast Episode 75 Featuring Bashar Daoud HOW TO HANDLE THE HATE!

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The Bull-NA-ChinaShop Podcast Episode 75 Featuring Bashar Daoud HOW TO HANDLE THE HATE!


This week host Ty Lumley is joined but the most loved and hated man in the American bully community, owner of Muscletone Bullys, producer of CH MAGOO, producer of GR CH CASABLANCA, owner of one of the most extreme pocket American Bullys on the planet Bashar Daoud. Bashar has an overwhelming amount of online love and more than the average share of negativity often called “hate”. This episode is dedicated to learning some ways to handle all the hate or trolling and some ways to use it in your favor! Great conversation and some info that EVERYONE who uses social media can use! Thanks for listening to the first and only podcast dedicated to bull breeds and the American bully breeder lifestyle.

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