is a place where anyone that has a passion for BULL BREEDs can come to find interesting content. The site will be featuring the BullNAChinaShop podcast featuring special guests well-known and respected from all corners of the BULL BREED world, it will also have fun videos showcasing dogs from all of the BULL BREEDs, along with interviews from Veterinarians and Judges among other experts in various fields within the BULL BREED world, and lastly loads of helpful tips for training and raising your bull breed dog. This site will be linked to the BullNAChinaShop TV YouTube channel as well so feel free to browse all the videos we have!


The mission here at is to educate the general public on BULL BREEDS. This site will be a sourceĀ for raw content dealing with all aspects of owning and breeding BULL BREEDS.

Whatever your goal is within the realm of owning BULL BREED dogs and The BullNAChinaShopkk podcast and the BullNAChinaShop TV YouTube channel has you covered….from pet owners to rescues to show enthusiasts to weight pull working dog owners all the way up to the breeders that are trying to build their perfect version in each generation.